Cabins4Less Big Bear Lake

If you enjoy humble experiences, Cabins4Less is for you. An hour from Lake Gregory and minutes from Big Bear Lake, our cabin was next to a dock on the lake. Your options for recreation are dependent on the season.

You’ll need snow tires or four wheel drive if it’s snowing. The rest of the year you can expect less traffic, safer roads and more wildlife. Occasionally, the road does get closed, but there’s only two roads so they fix problems pretty quickly. 98% of the year the path is driveable.

The people at Cabins4Less are consistently friendly and helpful. The cabins are spread out around the area but are easy enough to find. Around every cabin are a decent variety of local businesses and food options. Grocery stores are also easy to find for those looking to make use of the cabin’s stove or microwave.

The lake is close enough to all of the cabins whether or not you choose a lakefront cabin. A short walk in the forest-like neighborhoods will take you to one side of the lake or another.

Inside the cabins you’ll get a comfortable bed, a quaint kitchen, an apartment sized living room and a fireplace. There is WiFi for anyone wondering. Some of the cabins have somewhat modern TVs with a few channels.

A couple of nearby restaurants deliver to any of the cabins. One is pizza and another is a Thai restaurant. The cabins are closely knit so you’re likely going to be within twenty feet of another cabin as soon as you step outside.

The outside of the cabins have a very comfortable patio. Some have hot tubs on the outside. Some have hot tubs on the inside. Some don’t have hot tubs at all.

Most people’s favorite characteristic of the cabins are their proximity to everything you could ever imagine doing in the great outdoors. You’re minutes away from the local shops and restaurants, hiking trails and recreational areas, the lake and sports or whatever you’re there for.

When it snows you can go skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and snow ball fighting. Expect many families to visit during the winter time. It might be beneficial to start your days earlier while you’re there to get the most out of nature.




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